Jessica is a practicing project and program manager in software engineering. She has more years experience than she wants to admit  in software development, project management and people leadership in both Fortune 500 and startup companies. She has an alarming amount of hands-on project experience from the smallest project to projects whose budgets exceeded $50M per year. Having been fortunate enough to have hands-on experience in project and operations management, requirements and process-design facilitation and mentoring and training; Jessica has two work passions: startups and teaching others. She still loves getting her hands dirty doing direct project managed an the reward of a project well-managed. She gets a real kick how of teaching others the discipline of project and requirements management. She finds great reward in knowledge sharing and watching others learn and grow in their own endeavors. She does this as an adjunct facilitator in Project Management at a local university and tries to share PM tidbits here on this blog as she has time.

Jessica lives and works in Boulder, CO. She support the locavore concept in both acquiring food and work. Tell her about your great local startup and she will link it to her blog.


Jessica has her undergraduate in Information Systems from The College of William and Mary and her M.S. in Decision Sciences from The School of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University. She holds her PMP (Project Management Professional) and her CSM (Certified Scrum Master) because it considered the right thing to do in some circles.

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